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1-1/2 Inch Diameter Clear PVC SCH40 Pipe, Choose Your Length

1-1/2 Inch Diameter Clear PVC SCH40 Pipe, Choose Your Length

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1-1/2 Inch diameter Clear PVC pipe (Schedule 40)

PVC pipe is measured by the nominal inside-diameter (ID), not the outside-diameter (OD).

Pipe has an approximate ID of 1.590 inch and an approximate OD of 1.900 inch, per PVC Schedule 40 Specifications. As with all extruded pipe, the inside diameter can vary a little. Tolerance for the inside diameter is +/- 2% of the stated diameter.

This pipe is manufactured in strict compliance to ASTM D1785.

Pipe has a bluish tint to prevent yellowing from UV light (as seen in pictures).

For use with standard PVC fittings and PVC cement.

This pipe should be protected from the sun. Extended exposure to ultraviolet light may cause discoloration and the heat may cause warping.

Length Tolerance: +/- 1/16 Inch

Max Pressure @ 73F is 170 PSI.

Pipe weight: 7.65 oz. per foot.

Do not use PVC pipe with compressed air or gases as it can cause the pipe to explode and create shrapnel.

How to cut: If you need to cut the pipe, you should avoid using a ratchet-style PVC cutter, as that will likely break this pipe. Instead, use a saw such as a hacksaw, miter saw or radial arm saw, or one of the pipe cutters that you tighten a little, turn on the pipe, tighten some more and turn on the pipe and repeat until the pipe is cut.

NOTE: Pipe lengths of 5 feet or more may need to be picked up at your local post office since the USPS sometimes isn't able to deliver long items. If this happens, your post office will leave you a notice for you to pick up the shipment.

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